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Founded in 2008, the Industry Matsuko® has its origins in the manufacturing and processing of technical fabrics for various applications, among them the use of truck covers, machinery and equipment, pools and structured covers and industrial solutions.

Faced with the constant search for excellence in quality and undeniable duty to optimize costs to remain increasingly competitive in the market, Matsuko Indústria has invested over the years in the vertical integration of its production chain, making the modest tarps manufacturer in one of the leading Brazilian flexible composite material and cotton tarpaulins producer.

Today, Matsuko® Group has its own facilities with over 17.000m² of built area, distributed in a 160.000m² ground area. 

Our main brands, Master Lona® and Vinitop®, are present throughout the country and several countries in Latin America.

Our Mission

As a leading company in the plastic coverings, our mission is to continuously seek to improve our processes, in order to provide excellence to the demands of our market by providing quality products with seriousness and transparency in order to strengthen bonds of trust with our customers, employees and business partners.

Our Vision

Anchoring our business on solid principles, in order to consolidate ourselves as a leader in innovative solutions for loads of covers, awnings covering, tarpaulins and its derivatives, being recognized for our quality, honesty and integrity of our business, ensuring sustainability and perpetuity of company.

Our Values

 In any event, these are the principles intrinsic to our conduct:

  • Human enhancement

  • Integrity

  • Encouraging Technological Development and Research

  • Focus on results

  • Continuous improvement

  • Economic, Social and Environmental sustainability

Industrial Technologies

Investment in technology is present in all sectors of Matsuko® Indústria. Our production lines have modern and high-productivity equipment that offer the lowest operating costs of the market and ensure consistent quality in all our final products:


Reflecting on the company's practices, their mode of production and its relationship with society and the environment is fundamental to our business development.​

The Matsuko® Indústria Sustainability Policy establishes guidelines that direct all actions and business decisions related to social and environmental themes that generate impacts on the community and nature.

Environmentally, we pride ourselves on being the only company in our sector to generate energy through the use of wood waste discarded by several industries of Sorocaba - SP, minimizing the environmental impacts of our region. Also, we treat and reuse 100% of the water consumed in our processes, thanks to investments in modern wastewater treatment facility.

In the social sphere, Matsuko® Indústria promotes the inclusion of the concept of social responsibility in all processes that comprise its business management, supporting socially responsible actions with its various stakeholders.

The social commitment of Matsuko® Indústria that, besides offering assistance, training and benefits packages to all employees, goes beyond the boundaries of its plant and stands out when it comes to support the society; We try to direct our social resources through tarps donations for communities affected by climate disasters. Until 2015, we proudly accumulated more than 10,000m² of donated coverage to needy families whose homes were affected by climate disasters.

Environmental politics

Aware that the preservation of the environment is an absolute necessity, Matsuko® Indústria defined its environmental policy, aiming to:​

  • Prevent the occurrence of environmental damage resulting from its activities by adopting operational controls for each significant environmental aspect, monitoring them and managing them properly;

  • Commit to continuously improve the environmental management system and pollution prevention;

  • Develop products that have minimal effect on the environment;

  • Avoid water and energy waste;

  • Conserve natural resources through the practice of recycling and other appropriate methods;

  • Encourage the practice of sustainable development, ensuring adequate environmental standards and aware citizenship;

  • Encourage and support our suppliers and customers to also adopt similar standards of accountability.

Conduct Code

The Matsuko Industria´s Code of Conduct expresses the commitment to ethics in the relationship with customers, employees, suppliers, public authorities, with community and society in general. 

It is a tool that guides all our actions and decisions, ensuring uniqueness to all sectors of the company. 

This Code is mandatory among all employees of the company and act as a reference for our partners, inspiring integrity relations, impartial, transparent and respect for people, the diversity and the environment. 

Meet the Code of Conduct - Matsuko industry completely and use this document as a reference in daily contact with our Company.

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